Inside the Kaleidoscope of Fibro & Creativity: Strength

“Just get up and do something.” Sometimes I have to literally say these words out loud to myself when I’m hit with a Fibro Freight Train. Get up. Move. Create. Stop stagnating, blaming, forgetting. The never-ending gravity pulling me to couch, bed, chair is frustrating, but I am stronger. I tell myself I can be stronger, and some days I prove that true in the physical realm, but other days, the pain and fatigue win.

I am stronger than the gravity, and I am stronger for having had to resist it. It is chiseling away complacency. It is giving me a clearer sense of myself, what I love . . . and the things of which I am capable. These experiences are also showing me what I am not capable of, where I need help, and where I can find my strength in God’s strength or need to lean on others (somehow without feeling like a burden — and that part, so often, still feels impossible). How easy it is to encourage others to do the same . . . how difficult to take my own advice!

I love how this painting relates to learning to lean.

Brother, I Got Your Back – Artist Kerream Jones

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” (Helen Keller)


One thought on “Strength

  1. Yes! Having to force myself sometimes to get up and get things done. Trying not to let pain tell me what I’m not going to do. But sometimes the pain wins, it breaks me down.
    Being strong is all we have, when someone else around me complains about something small, I think you have no idea. If you had to deal with what I do everyday and not knowing what’s going to happen mintue to mintue.

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