Give and Take

Dear Fibro,

Last night, I took you along on an adventure that pushed the limits of your comfort zone. You definitely protested at times–sending stabs of pain ricocheting through my arms and legs or igniting nerve cells to make pressure points at my shoulder blades feel like they were on fire! You seemed to enjoy making me feel fuzzy-headed and like any second with my eyes closed was a welcome relief. But we did it!

Admit it. You made it through OK!

Well, you do seem to still be sulking today, so that’s why I’m writing. I’d prefer if you would get over this and take away this sense of all-over pain I’m feeling, but you know as well as I do that you’re also glad we went, so I’ll take that as my consolation for now.

This is just one example of what I’ve been talking to you about for a while — I really want you to be a willing partner in helping me to continue to learn the balance between when I should push and when I should rest. We’re in this together.



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