Something We Can Agree Upon

Dear Fibro,

I’ve been thinking today about how many things we disagree about — things like whether you should cause my legs to start burning unbearably just around the time I want to fall asleep at night. Or whether you should push me mischievously into all-over pain at the exact time I was planning to head out to meet with some friends. Let’s put those disagreements aside for today and focus on something we can agree upon — the importance of recognizing beautiful things. I trust you won’t argue with me when I say this . . .

There’s something about noticing beauty in simple happenings and simple things that keeps us sane. There are days when sanity feels remote, right? But when we stop to soak in the expanse of a perfect blue sky or when we contemplate the amazing smiles of all of our loved ones, or when we look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “OK, this is who I am. I’m not going to apologize for it today.” When we read something that moves us or hear a piece of music that forces us to dance involuntarily, then we take a shared deep breath and acknowledge that it’s a sacred something we can’t ignore.

So, Fibro, can we focus on beauty, just for now?




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