Blue Sky Blues

Dear Fibro,

I’m feeling blue today–drained of energy and enthusiasm, dragging my consciousness through the hours. I woke yesterday with a migraine, vomited, and felt sick almost all day. The headache subsided enough for me to run a couple of errands in the afternoon, but after that I crashed and slept and slept and slept. Today, we’re in a fog together–a fog in which, sadly, I’m struggling to hear any voices of encouragement but just feeling as though I am wrapped in a great blue blanket that is blocking any sweetness of life from reaching me. It is a warm, sunny day outside, but you prickle at the heat so intensely that I can barely stand to be in the sun. 

I went to church today, and you were poking me in the back and legs throughout the service (rather rude), and the sermon was about the importance of having faith, and I felt like you and the voice of depression were both jeering at me about how small and fragile my faith feels and how weak and helpless I feel to do anything about it. Would you just back off a bit? Please?



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