Thinking Of You

Dear Fibro,

I’m sure you’ve realized that I’ve been trying to ignore you somewhat because I have a lot going on with work and family and friends lately, but you never quite let me ignore. You find a way to creep in whenever it’s convenient for you – like right when I’m in the middle of an important meeting at the office, or right when I’m finally turning out the light at night. I get it – you want attention. I’ll try to stop pushing you away.

I guess (if I’m honest) I know that I need to take time to observe you and give you the care that you need (the care that I need), but I don’t always want to admit it. Sometimes it’s not so easy to balance everything, and I admit that there have been times lately that I’ve felt really overwhelmed (like to the point of exasperated tears), but I will keep moving ahead. I have creative projects I want to work on, people I want to spend time with . . . I have life to be living.

As you know, I have a few weekend trips coming up this month, so I just wanted to ask if maybe you’d try to be cooperative with these plans and allow me to enjoy them (and survive the travel) with relatively little pain and fatigue? Think about it.

– Nicole


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