Fibro & Moms

Dear Fibro,

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I was having a few thoughts about Moms and Motherhood that I wanted to share with you. One of my friends just had her first little baby boy, which you may already know. I have been amazed to see her fierce love for that little guy, and I’ve been humbled to think that at one point, my own Mom looked into my tiny little face and touched my tiny little fingers and toes.

As you know, I’m not a Mom, and I sometimes worry about whether I really could survive it with Fibro. I mean, isn’t it already difficult enough to feed, clothe, diaper, nurture and love a little human without having to worry whether your body will cooperate on any given day? I know there are heroic women who do it, but it seems so difficult, and my sympathies, congratulations and respect are going out to those women as I’m thinking about this, typing these thoughts to you.

I still hope that some day I might be able to be a Mom, but if it doesn’t happen for me, I hope you’ll continue to teach me to empathize with those who find it to be a struggle for any number of reasons, that you’ll keep my heart from getting stuck in jealousy to the point where I can’t see my ability to bring encouragement and light. Please help me to remember that we’re all on our own unique path with unique high-points, beautiful, scenic vistas and unique low-points, where the way is shadowed and there are thorns in the way.

Today, I am praying for high-points for Moms everywhere,

– Nicole


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