More and More

Dear Fibro,

I know you’ve been keeping a tally of the snow days and that every time you look out the window at the heaps of snow piling up more and more, you just cringe. Me too.

Don’t worry, Darling; we can get through this together. I know it was difficult to go out and take that walk today, but I’m really glad we did it. It was really pretty and clear and the cold air felt so fresh. It was good to remember that sometimes we just can.

I wanted to leave you a few reminders today: stretch, chill out, allow yourself rest, do creative things, drink warm beverages . . . be kind to yourself. Spring will come eventually.

– Nicole


4 thoughts on “More and More

    • Thank you for your comment and your honesty! Some of my Fibro notes are kind and some are snarky or frustrated . . . I don’t think there’s one “right” way to deal with it. Some days I feel like I deal courageously, and other days, I lie in bed feeling defeated and pathetic. 🙂

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