Gentle Hugs

Dear Fibro,

I know you’re not enjoying this cold, wet weather — eight inches of snow over the weekend and now more snow and ice. The chill gets right up against you and makes you feel prickly. I know.

I’m writing you this note because I’m trying to remember that I need to pay attention when things are like this — need to face you more carefully. You know that I tend to want to bully you into doing more than you’re able to do . . . and then (inevitably) regretting that I was so stubborn. I admit it’s not easy to care for you when there are things that “need to be done” — snow to shovel, work to do. But I’ll keep trying to do it a little better.

Even though I express frustration with you sometimes, I know that part of your behavior is dependent on my own choices.

Even though it’s cold, let’s take a little walk later — let’s try to forget about pain and tiredness and stresses for a bit and just be in the moment with the brisk air, blanketed lawns, glistening icicles. Or, if you’re not up for a walk, maybe we can just stand on the back patio and breathe?

Gentle Hugs for you today.




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