Two Things

Dear Fibro,

It’s bedtime, so I’ll keep this short. Two quick things I’ll leave you to consider tomorrow:

1. I already have to bundle up in heavy winter clothes. Could you consider not squeezing my arms in that too-tight-sweater-feeling way you sometimes do? Maybe that’s just one of your quirky hugs, but I’d appreciate a warm cup of tea if want to give a token of your affection.

2. I was grateful today when our trainer talked about making assumptions about people. You have definitely been trying to teach me to curb my own assuming tendencies, look people in the eye and hold my heart more open to their stories. It’s moments like these when I’m kinda/sorta not 100% ready for you to pack up and leave — but don’t let it go to your head.

Let’s have one day’s truce, shall we?



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