The Day that Wasn’t

Dear Fibro,

Okay, I know I didn’t really have plans for today, but did you really have to take THE WHOLE DAY away from me. It’s Saturday, and I would have liked to have gotten some projects done or felt like I had the energy to enjoy going outside.

Instead, you completely zapped ALL of my energy, and I slept and slept and felt pain in between sleeping — deeply aching arms and legs and shoulder blades and sternum and hands and . . . — so much pain — and then I finally woke again with a migraine to endure until eventually I slept again.

I missed the two calls from my Mom and couldn’t catch back up with her schedule, so I spent the day without human connection in a warp of sleepiness. I’m not happy with you at all right now. This has been one of your most demanding (dare I say selfish) days in a while. Why do you do this to me?

I admit it. I’m angry.

And sad.

And still so tired that I know I won’t be able to fight you over this.

Please try to be a little bit more reasonable tomorrow.



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